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Alexandria was never a patient woman. No matter the situation she never wanted to be kept waiting. Especially when something concerned her precious little girl, Maria. Her little girl was late coming out of school, she had watched the other children stream out for a good ten minutes now. Not even the crisp spring air that caressed her body could assuage her right now. Whoever or whatever was keeping her little girl was going to face hell. She waited for a few more minutes before walking up to the front door, ready to march in and drag Maria out herself. She swung the door inward and was met with a small force colliding with her midsection alongside a muffled yelp.

Alex looked down and was met with the sight of curly onyx locks. Chocolate eyes looked up at her accompanied by a set of white teeth with a tooth missing up front. She knelt down and hugged her daughter.

"Hi Mommy!"

"Hey there baby. You know better than to keep me waiting like that." She took her daughter's hand and walked her to the car. Once Maria was safely in her seat in the back and buckled in Alex walked around to the driver's side and climbed into the candy red minivan. She started the car and looked at her daughter through the rearview mirror. "What kept you so long, baby?"

"I got in a fight with Jeff Thomas and Ms. Kanker was asking me a bunch of questions." Maria looked down at her kicking feet and fiddled with her fingers.

"Maria! What have I told about fighting with people?"

"He started it! He was saying mean things about you and Daddy!" Alex sighed and pulled out of the parking lot. It was no surprise that some of the kids had heard the gossip about her long over marriage.

"What kinds of questions did Ms. Kanker ask you?"

"She asked what you and Daddy were like at home. And uh . . . she asked I ever saw you guys drinking. I told her that you drank a lot of water and Daddy and Grandpa had beers when we visited him."

Alex's lip twitched ever so slightly. That bitch had the nerve to think they were some kind of alcoholics. "Is there anything else she asked?"

"Um . . . she asked if Daddy ever hit you before. I told her no but I saw him hit other people lots of times."

"You what? Who have you seen him hitting?"

"Uncle Oscar and some other people at the gym. He lets me watch them box when we go out together."

Alex couldn't believe it. That bastard had been taking their daughter to the gym of all places. As irresponsible as he was, even he shouldn't have been dumb enough to take his daughter with him to box.

"Baby, how often do you and Daddy go to the gym?"

"Every Saturday when I spend the day with him. We have breakfast, and then we go to the gym, and then we go home and he puts on my nice clothes so we can go play poker at Grandpa's. Last week I won a fifty dollar bill, Mommy! Daddy put it up for me and said he'll take me out to spend it this weekend."

To say she was pissed now would be an understatement. Taking Maria with him to the gym was one thing. But to have her gambling late into the night was another level of bad parenting. The rest of the ride home was silent save for the radio playing Maria's favorite Hannah Montana CD as they rode home. When Alex pulled up she noticed the black muscle car in the drive way. She recognized that car, it belonged to her former husband.

Alex could see her ex-husband sitting on the hood of the car. From her position it wasn't difficult to see the white sling on his left arm. Did he get hurt at work? He was a cop after all but this was the first time she saw him with more than a graze from a bullet. Maria hopped out of the car and practically leapt into her father's waiting arms.

"Daddy! You're early!" He hugged her tight smiled at her.

"I know baby, run inside and start packing a bag." Maria nodded and dashed inside, the door was already unlocked. He shouldn't have had a key.

Alex stepped out of the car and walked up to her husband. "What the hell is your problem?" She
poked him in the chest as she spoke. He stood up off his car and took a hold of her hand.

"I need you to go inside and pack a bag too."

"Oh no. I'm not going anywhere until you explain what you've been having our daughter do every weekend." She moved his hand away and placed her own hands on her hips.

"Lexi! Would you listen to me?" She stopped mid-sentence. He never called her Lexi, not unless he was serious about something. She gave him her attention full now. It was only now that she noticed his service pistol was still holstered around his shoulders, his slung hand fiddled with the butt idly. "A cop at the county prison was found inside a cell yesterday. Dead. The cell belonged to Xander."
Another short story for my creative writing class. I'll post more about it later. I'm feeling sick recently.

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XevilchildX Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2010   Writer
omg is there a second part there better i wanna know who Xander is and what he did :O
OuroborosRagnarok Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
This was really good, especially considering how short it was. It really conveyed a feeling of who the characters are. Like there's a rich history to them, a good background. Almost like it's part of something... bigger. I don't just mean your cliffhanger ending, but also that there seems to be more before it.

At this stage, it's too early to say what I think of the characters, but I'll give you my basic impressions: The mum, lexi, is a bit overprotective (to say the least). The dad, unnamed(?) is a bit of a cliche stereotype, man's man. And the little girl is sweet and innocent. Makes for a good dynamic.
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